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Magnaray products come with a 5 year warranty for workmanship, and material defect. We feel that you are making an investment in the best fluorescent fixtures on the market, and deserve the best we have to offer. Our customer is our most important asset, along with our employees, representatives, distributors, dealers, and vendors. We can not afford to offer less than our best product, effort and service.

Since 1964, Magnaray customers have been saving the World’s energy, reducing pollution effects, and making themselves money because Magnaray® products pay for themselves, then continue to make their owners money year after year. Many products sold since 1968 are still in service today, with proper maintenance and service.

Today, Magnaray uses the latest ballast and lamp technology available to handle an extremely wide variety of applications thought to only be accomplished with HID sources. We do this with properly designed and tested luminaires, so the value to cost relationship provided for the end user is the greatest possible.

Magnaray International - W Series Fluorescent Light Fixtures (MAG-W1PL)
Magnaray International - W Series Fluorescent Light Fixtures (MAG-W1PL)

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