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Turtle Safe Lighting

Turtle Safe Bulbs emit light in a very narrow portion of the visible spectrum... which is least intrusive to nesting sea turtles.
Provides filtering to recommended standards
Replacement lamp for floodlights, porch lights or any standard base lamp. Provides immediate compliance for many standard light fixtures
Easy seasonal installation and removal
Turtle Safe Lighting lamps are designed to comply with lighting requirements in coastal areas.
These products provide light in a specific spectral output (see figure 1 ) widely regarded to be less distracting to nesting sea turtles and their hatchlings than white light.
Often, these lamps can be retrofitted into existing lighting fixtures for instant compliance with the local jurisdiction at a minimal cost. While Turtle Safe Lighting products are one tool in helping to protect sea turtles and other species, many coastal lighting regulations require that the source illumination is not directly visible.

Turtle Friendly and Enegry Efficient Light Bulbs
Turtle Friendly and Enegry Efficient Light Bulbs

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